Upcoming Concert

Program and Performers

Sunday, June 4th, 2023, at 3:00 pm

Stuart Breczinski, oboe
Anna Urrey, flute
Yasmina Spiegelberg, clarinet
Nanci Belmont, bassoon
Cort Roberts, horn

Valerie Coleman (b. 1970)


       I. DROM
       II. Serenade
       III. Revival

Heather Gilligan

Six of One

       I. Playful
       II. Contemplative
       III. Sincere
       IV. Impetuous


Jacqueline Wilson (b. 1984)

Dance Suite

       I. Prelude: Grand Entry
       II. Grass
       III. Traditional Bustle
       IV. Fancy Shawl
       V. Traditional Shawl
       VI. Fancy Feather

Paul Salerni (b. 1951)

Sinfonietta Italiana

       I. Theme and Variations
       II. Procession
       III. Tarantella

Dance and Play

We hope you can make the final concert of the season. Stay tuned for the 2023-24 season announcement!