Past Season Sponsors

2015-2016 Sponsors
Director’s Circle
Lelia Johnson
Jerry Kajpust
Artist’s Circle
Robert W. Ohlerking and Christopher A. LiGreci
Steven D. and Jeanne M. Stellman
Patron’s Circle
Larry Bickford and Amethyst Stanley
Robert & Nicole Buck
Kristen M. Holbrook
Paul B. Nix, Jr.
Juan Punchin
Bruce Shipman
Howard Buck
Michael Anne Catelinet
Bob Feig
Barbara Fushille
Marian Gordon & Dale Siegel
(Group 27 Printing)
Robert & Victoria Sirota
Susan Zugaib
2014-2015 SPONSORS
Director’s Circle
The Puffin Foundation
William & Sophia Hunter
Jerry Kajpust
Chris LiGreci and Robert Ohlerking
Cryder H. Bankes, III
Artist’s Circle
Ardienne K. Nassau
Ray Warman & Dan Kiser
Patron’s Circle
Burnley Duke Dame
Craig Lemley
Susan J. McHenry
Paul B. Nix, Jr.
Juan Punchin
Jay Sherwood
Jill Witten
Patricia Woodard & Elliott Kaback
Larry Bickford & Amethyst Stanley
Howard Buck
Juliet Emanuel-George
Rob Hugh Rosen
Susan Zugaib
2013-2014 SPONSORS
Director's Circle 
Richard H. Pontone
Robert and Janie Schwalbe

Artist's Circle
Robert W. Ohlerking and Christopher LiGreci
Patron's Circle
David Appel and Sally Fillmore
Bruce Goerlick
Craig L. Lemley
Adrienne Nassau
Paul B. Nix, Jr.
Rev. Bruce M. Shipman
Robert and Victoria Sirota
Elliott J. Kapack and Patricia Woodard
Janet G. Benton
Howard Buck
Mary J. Dingledy
Jerry. Kajpust
Susan Maldovan
Maria J. Moyser
Susan Zugaib
And special thanks to Mark Goodell for his generous donation of recording services!
2012-2013 SPONSORS
Beth Anderson-Harold
David Appel and Sally Fillmore
Howard Buck
Lelia M. Johnson
Elliott Kaback and Patricia Woodard
Christopher LiGreci and Robert Ohlerking
Janet Mackey
Angela Pinti
Robert and Janie Schwalbe
Nelly Vuksic
Sherry Weaver-Chetrit
Concerts on the Slope is a monthly concert series performed at
St. John's Episcopal Church
139 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, New York,  11217
Suggested donation $20. We encourage you to give a free will offering--proceeds go directly to the artists. (Admission is free.)
139 St. John's Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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